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I am the great Kevin Brunell (z0mbie the great), I am 13 years old. In schoool I would be under the "Freek" catagory, but I don't smoke. That's stupid. Why would I wanna screw up a major organ in my body? Hm..

Anyway, My life consists of:

You can, if you wanna, no one is FORCING You too, send mail to me at, Which is grex!! Grex rulewz!!!!

If ya wanna see some of my Favorite songs, but be warned, Click here

My school really makes me mad, they have this "no chain" rule. It really tees me off. If you wanna find out more about how bad my school sux, you can by Click Now If you want to reply to how bad that sux, which I wish you would, Click here

Ok. Soon this sight will be a all cranberries/alternative music site. Once I get a little more .html friendly, and once I get enough info and stuff to waste my time on. But to start this little fiango off , here is my new guest book. YOu can Sign My Guestbook
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So remember to keep checking up on this site.