(Note: Grex does not allow bots of ANY kind)

Anyone can obtain a free shell account on Grex. There are many shells available to choose from. To get an account, just telnet to grex.org and log in as newuser. If you cannot get that link to work, see Grex's telnet information page. An alternative way to create your account is to select the "Get A Free Account" link, either here, or on the main page. You will still need to be able to telnet in order to use it. Either way, you will need to fill out a form which takes a few minutes, and then wait a few minutes while the account is created on-line. It will be ready for use without further delay.

Grex is a popular site, and can become overloaded at some times during the day. To keep things moving smoothly, there is a limit to the number of users that can telnet in at one time. If that limit is exceeded, users are placed on a queue, waiting for a free port to connect to Grex. please do not tie up one of these ports unnecessarily when there are others waiting to get on. Also please do not log on more than one session at a time.

There are important limitations to Grex accounts, which you should note before you get your account.