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Intoxative summary

The Tallinn Crap Beer Festival has traditionally appeared near the thirsty queue for the Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend on Saturday afternoon.

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What is TCrBF? An overview is below...
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A Crap photo gallery: Some photos and media nonsense
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TCrBF 2020 updates

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20 March 2020

We don't know where we'll be, but the Plague hasn't killed us yet.
Stay tuned and stay safe!

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15 November 2019

It has recently come to our attention that others are trying to muscle in on our turf.
We may be able to stomach Four Loko, but we can't stomach that kind of behaviour.
So let's be clear amid these hazy times:

We're the ones who do toxicity, damn it!


We and our minions focus on bringing a poisonous atmosphere.

So to all the other kids out there, big and small:
Get out of our playground, ya bullies!


The original toxic beer scene.

Accept no substitutes!



23 October 2019

A T T E N T I O N :
THIS IS A(n almost)  MAY DAY CALL!


The crew of the FFS Regurgitator are issuing a distress signal:
on 2 May 2020, we will cause you distress and anguish!
Don't miss a drop!

We've already collided with a Natty Ice berg, so TCrBF might be truly unsinkable!
Or maybe there will be a huge shitwreck off the shores of Kultuurikatel.
Either way, set sail for the yellow waters we'll pour down your throat!

• No whales are harmed in the making of TCrBF.
• In addition to yellow, past beer colours have included (but were not necessarily limited to) brownish, radioactive blue/green/purple, and disturbing.



33 Septober 2019

Something this crap doesn't just happen.
Your twisted brainwrong makes TCrBF what it is(n't)!

And save it for us:

All things in cans or plastic
All creatures deathly pale
All things crap and drastic
The glorious taste of fail.



Older updates

Archived updates from the last festival can be found here...

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[IMG: Prosenttimies logo] You might think that the whole idea of TCrBF is nonsense - and you may be right. It might be a refreshing oasis for the stomach or beer scene, or it might be just a mirage. Either way, you blink and then it's gone.

As with everything in life, there are two sides to every story, and that includes beer. TCrBF is that other side. TCrBF is those memories about beer that you've forgotten you even had. TCrBF is the wide-eyed view of the world that was accepting of all, without prejudice. TCrBF is you.

Any opinions expressed on this page are opinions. And any resemblance to real facts or events is purely coincidental.